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Consumer Pulse: Creativity and Innovation in Gastronomy

Today’s economic challenges are forcing restaurants, food manufacturers and consumers alike to rethink what we eat, where it comes from, how it’s prepared — and with whom we enjoy it. Based on our research learning and observation, here are the “sound bites” of what we’ve discovered: Tried and true Low-cost, high-nutrient “comfort food” is back… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Consumer Pulse: Frugal Bells, Frugal Bells, Frugal All the Way!

Economic uncertainty is rife this holiday, and it’s causing psychological havoc among consumers. At a time when consumers are thinking about creating an “idealized holiday,” they’re being forced to contemplate the realities of a “dealized holiday.” As a result, most Americans are trying to reconcile their quest for the perfect gift with an apprehensive penny-pinching… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Consumer Pulse: Millennials Rock the Elections

The voice of the Millennial has been heard – as nearly 24 million young Americans went to the polls this election – an increase of more than 10% over 2004. This new generation of voters significantly influenced the outcome of the elections in favoring Barack Obama by a margin of more than two-to-one. This outcome… Read More
Analysis & Opinion

Consumer Pulse: America Needs to Feel Good Again

These are unprecedented times with the credit crunch, declining home equity, stock market volatility and downward spiraling 401(k)s. Consumers are feeling distraught, disillusioned, and emotionally drained. Consumer sentiment, as a predictor of behavioral intent, is near all time record lows. And in a recent national opinion poll three out of four consumers feel “that things… Read More

College Aid for that More Than 50 Audience

Creating an essay can be a process that will require publishing capabilities and exemplary research. Many scholar anxiety creating even a term paper or an instructional composition. Others only dont have the time for you to do justice with their term forms, that might finally cause efficiency and a poor class. The web can be… Read More