Culture at Mullen, Work

Our Guiding Principles

May 29, 2009 Katie Tammaro

At a time of economic upheaval and social change, there are many reasons to choose an agency. Experience. Skills. Reputation. Size. Chemistry.  When we ask our clients why they chose us or what makes our longest-lasting, most productive relationships tick, we inevitably hear some combination of the following reasons.

We start in a different place

Most agencies start by identifying a brand’s essence. We start with the consumer. Not just what she thinks about your brand, the category and the competition, but how she behaves in our new digital culture. Where does she get her information? How does she validate her opinion? What can change her mind? What’s the role of traditional media, social networks, mobile and video on demand? That way, we know how to connect, engage, infiltrate and become part of her world.

We’re Unbound

It’s a hyperconnected world. Being fully integrated gives us the ability to create content of all types and in all forms, and then produce that content on any digital or mobile, traditional or non-traditional platform. We distribute content through both unpaid and paid media, including social networks and communities that we tap and build ourselves. And we track and report ROI using advanced, real time analytics.

Our Results

We consider ourselves to be great publicists with a nose for news (our case studies are a testament to that). While we use all the traditional tools and techniques of public relations, we constantly integrate new ideas, new approaches, new technologies. All to serve one blazingly clear objective: to reach and impact consumers in powerful and tangible ways – whether that’s meeting moms online or at a NASCAR event and all the spaces in between. You can learn more about our approach to measurement and analytics here.

Our People

When it comes to getting the work done, we think that senior people don’t just lead; they do. Mullen is a flat organization with little hierarchy. Our entrepreneurial heritage results in people acting like business owners. We hire smart, dedicated people with big hearts and thick skin. Because at the end of the day, successful client relationships are built on chemistry, trust and shared values.