Ready to Start Your #ThankList?

March 25, 2015 MullenLowe

The remedy for a rude world starts with reminding people to say two simple words: “Thank You.” Multiplied by millions, this small act can manifest big change. To kick off a movement centered on gratitude, American Greetings is introducing a new cultural notion. We‘ve all heard of a bucket list: to combat thanklessness we‘re creating the ThankList.

Visit the ThankList site to learn more.

You’ll see some wonderful videos created by two-time Oscar™-winning documentarian Barbara Kopple and the production company Nonfiction Unlimited, who followed five people as they created, and then fulfilled, their deeply personal ThankLists. As each participant worked through their list, we documented the impact, importance and emotional resonance of gratitude.

American Greetings, Mullen and the HuffingtonPost kicked-off the ThankList project last night at a special event in NYC with Kopple, Elizabeth Banks, Deepak Chopra, Arianna HuffingtonGabriel Bernstein and Dr. Randy Kamen.


Who are you thankful for? Who are the people that have had a positive influence on your life? Please share and build your ThankList.