Seven questions with a seal/athlete/Boston superstar

August 5, 2009 MullenLowe


You rarely do endorsements/ads. Why now?
I’ve always been about the game.  I was brought up being told no seal is bigger than the game. So I just felt putting myself out there to sell sports drinks, shoes, or deodorant would be selfish.  Since I wouldn’t know what to do with any of them.

The New England Aquarium came to me in my tank and asked if I was willing to give a little back.  To show the public just how athletic and cool we are. I figured if there was ever a time to be a role model, now was that time.

Has the fact that your face is all over Boston changed your lifestyle?
Look I’m still the same seal I was when I first came to the Aquarium. Wake up, eat some fish, put on the shows for the fans and then chill in the tank with my Xbox. Or get my Pong on.

What’s the hardest thing about balancing a ball on your nose?
Trying not to wonder what else this ball has been balancing on.

Where did you learn to jump through hoops?
Back in the day, from my man Carl Sagan. He was trying to describe the 4th dimension to me
…and I was like, dude wouldn’t it be easier to get there if you just hopped through the dimension…like a hoop…? The rest is entertainment history.

Favorite Astronaut?
William Sheppard

What’s on your iPod before a performance?
Check it out.

Why do you still refuse to sign autographs?
Flippers man! Flippers!