Social Influence


We are storytellers, communicators, relationship builders, connectors, hand-raisers, writers, digital strategists and event planners. Mullen’s PR/Social Influence Group, one of the largest of its kind embedded in a full-service creative and media agency, understands that relationships are the new economy. We offer a range of solutions: from traditional PR strategies and tactics to social conversation strategy, content development, community building, blogging, integrated analytics and search engine optimization.



We deliver total social solutions: from UX and web development to creative, paid and earned programming all governed by strategic insights and advanced analytics.

Listening stations: tracking, measuring and reporting your presence in the social world. Brand strategy: establishing a voice and perspective that drives everything else we do. Social twist: our weekly update of the latest social trends and news, customized to your business. Measurement analytics: Measure. Analyze. Refine. Repeat.

Presence engineering: connecting your owned properties to enhance presence and engagement. Web development: building an owned presence that spans the web.

Utility applications: bringing functionality to your presence to enhance value. Creative: from OLA to app development, we bring some of the world’s best creative minds to the party.

Content creation: developing engaging, fun and shareable content that supports your brand goals. Employee mobilization: getting your closest audience (your employees) motivated and engaged in social. Crisis management: strategy, planning and implementation when things don’t go as planned. Blogger relations: influencing the influencers. And there are many. Viral mobilization: taking ideas to the masses through both earned and paid means. Crowd-sourcing: engaging and motivating a following to create and share.