Starting the movement to stop diabetes

November 2, 2009 Katie Tammaro

Today, as the nation kicks off another American Diabetes Month, Mullen and the American Diabetes Association open a new front on the war against diabetes. For nearly 70 years, the Association has been the stalwart of diabetes education, advocacy and research, helping countless adults and children manage this insidious and often deadly disease, while supporting many of the groundbreaking scientific discoveries that have led to new diabetes treatments and technologies.

Earlier this year, the Association chose Mullen to help shape a bolder approach in the way it discusses diabetes. Since February, a collaborative team from Mullen’s Pittsburgh and Boston offices has worked with the Association to shape a new national movement to Stop Diabetes – to confront it, fight it, and most importantly, stop this deadly disease from stealing moments, hours and days from millions of children and adults.

It is a simple message tied to an audacious goal.

Stop Diabetes has become the unifying rallying cry of the American Diabetes Association, bringing together all of the organization’s resources from patient education programs, local walks, rides and events, to professional outreach and support.

The new site encourages people with diabetes and those who wish to join the movement to share their stories of living with diabetes, and provides resources to learn about how anyone can stop diabetes in their community, participate in American Diabetes Association activities and give their time and resources to help those affected by diabetes.

New public service announcements featuring real people with diabetes underscore the importance of the movement and bring the reality of living with diabetes every day into sharp focus. Together, with a concerted public relations and social media program, our goal is to encourage 1,000,000 people to share their stories in the next 12 months, and 3,000,000 people to join the movement by 2012.

Beyond that, the program endeavors to forever change the way we as a nation think, feel and act about diabetes.  To incite people to action once they understand that diabetes takes more lives than breast cancer and AIDS combined. That a person is newly diagnosed with diabetes every 20 seconds. And most importantly, that if we don’t do something to stop it, one in three children born today face a future with diabetes. It is simply a cause that cannot be ignored.

To get involved, visit, follow the American Diabetes Association on Facebook and Twitter or call the American Diabetes Hotline at 1-800-DIABETES.