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Top 10 Mobile Trends for 2014

December 17, 2013 Katie Tammaro

As we look forward to 2014, there are many predictions and long lists from new technologies to look out for to the hottest trends in digital media.   We couldn’t resist sharing our top 10 trends for mobile- a channel with tremendous growth and opportunities.   These 10 trends are what we think, at Mediahub, will have the most impact on how we plan and buy mobile and how the space will continue to provide new opportunities to reach the multi-tasking, always on the go consumer.

1.     Context Matters: Mobile ads must be hyper-local place and time targeted to deliver more relevant content than ever before.

 2.    Convergence of Mobile & Social: More than 60% of Facebook users and 56% of Twitters users access the site from mobile devices. This plays a huge role in the kind of communication we create.

3.     Constant Connectivity:  Access to your target audience 24/7 means providing them with the right messaging based on the time of day; tailoring messaging to what consumers are doing at that time.

4.      Make it Snackable:  With attention spans of the average consumer less than 8 seconds, mobile content needs to work harder and faster and be bite-sized for target consumption and engagement.

5.      Ads and behavior need to be inseparable: Ads needs to be created that mirror how consumers use their mobile devices (more so than any other channel). Mobile ads should be social, localized, utilitarian, and potentially all three. Consumers don’t like mobile ads unless they offer something that is immediately actionable: be a tweet of the day they can share, a discount or offer that’s ties to “instant gratification.”

6.      Mobile Real Time Bidding (RTB):   In 2013, exchanges entered the RTB mobile game offering the same technology that drives scale and ROI on desktop now in the mobile-space.  This trend will continue in 2014 with greater spend and more mobile only networks offering the same capabilities.  The size of the RTB mobile market is projected to grow from 10% in early 2013 to upwards of 40% in 2014 (source: AdExchanger)

7.      Measurement:   Once an elusive goal for mobile, now mobile publishers are making an investment in proprietary analytics platforms.  This allows brands to better understand the value of their mobile buy across multiple KPI’s (and ultimately help further increase mobile spend with comfort).

8.      Cross Device Targeting:  Consumers are increasingly using their devices for different things at different times of the day, and with tablet usage growing rapidly and in many cases replacing the traditional PC and laptops new technologies are allowing brands to reach this same consumer across multiple devices.

9.      New Mobile Ad Formats:   Connection speeds are better than they’ve ever been allowing brands to test new creative formats.  Mobile video is one format that will continue to benefit and grow from this trend.  Agencies and brands will push for innovative rich media formats moving away from the standard mobile banner ad placement.

10.  New Mobile Pricing Models:  As mobile advertising becomes more efficient and provides greater consumer engagement, the way brands buy mobile inventory will shift from the standard CPM to a cost per engagement (CPE) and cost per view (CPV) model driving quality over quantity.