Culture at Mullen

We have a new logo and tagline

June 15, 2009 MullenLowe


We figured we’re moving to Boston after 23 years in the mansion, we’re creating a new more open environment to mirror the way we actually work, and we’re launching a new website.  Might as well have a new logo that looks forward rather than backwards and a tagline that defines what we believe.  So here it is.  It’s still type, Din, to be exact.  And it’s still clean. But we think the simple change to the double “l’s” says a lot.  Forward, digital, optimistic.  Kudos to our designer Allie Hughes for a mark that met with instant and unanimous approval.

We like our new tagline as well.  Unbound.  Not only is it shorter than our old one, it actually says more.  “Relentless creativity that builds brands and businesses in a rapidly changing world,” was a great sentiment, but let’s be honest; it sounds like it was written by a committee whose charter was to put in everything including the kitchen sink.

Unbound describes how we work, think and approach challenges.  And it suggests to clients the kind of creativity and ideas they can expect.  And it doesn’t hurt that the “n’s” in unbound work nicely, both visually and audibly, with the name Mullen.

Hope you like it.  Seen any other great, simple logos lately.  Here are a few other companies changing theirs.