Culture at Mullen, Work

What We Do

May 29, 2009 Katie Tammaro

We create content of all types and in all forms, and then produce that content on any digital or mobile, traditional or nontraditional platform.

We distribute content through both unpaid and paid media, including social networks and communities that we tap and build ourselves.

We provide executive visibility and strategic counsel and create leadership platforms to drive the dialogue concerning critical social issues, from personal finance to healthcare and the environment.

And we track and report ROI using advanced, real-time analytics.

  • Brand and Conversation Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Media Relations
  • Measurement/Integrated Analytics
  • Presence Engineering
  • Corporate Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Industry/Executive Leadership
  • Portable Utility
  • Consumer Mobilization and user generated content
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Virtual Experiences
  • SEO
  • Analog Events
  • Web Development