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Why ad blocking is good for advertisers and what to do to be prepared

January 26, 2018 Mediahub

As many of you know, Google Chrome is introducing new ad blocking technology on February 15th.  The new tech essentially blocks annoying and invasive ads in order to align with the standards determined by the Coalition for Better Ads. It is important to understand that this movement is a good thing. With more and more users adopting their own ad blockers to streamline their browsing experience, this movement towards “better” digital ads will help us avoid having to do this.


The next steps you should take are 1) understand your media buy and if any of your ads do not meet the CFBA standards. 2) start migrating away from any ad formats that will eventually be blocked by Google. You won’t necessarily be penalized for keeping all the blocked ad formats. However, I would expect impressions and any performance (likely invalid anyway) you’re seeing to drop after the launch. Especially on mobile. The severity of the impact will depend on the nature of your buy. Just double check the pubs you’re working with – none of us should be buying these ad formats anyway!


Anyone bidding on the open-exchange can take a deep breath as well. Since the ad blocking technology removes the ad before it reaches the auction, you won’t be bidding (paying for) any impressions that do not serve your creative.