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Why We Hired the Kid With a Potato in His Book

July 6, 2018 MullenLowe

The potato maker was an art director and writer fresh out of VCU. He had the requisite smart headlines and crafted looks and case-study film that were in everyone else’s book. But there on the edges, under the tab marked “Some Stuff”—potatoes.

He combined all his fucked-up interests to create these amazingly weird little art pieces that were, of all things, deeply original. When we saw it all, we thought, we could use someone like this. Even though we knew we really couldn’t.

We have never been about filling open reqs. Instead, we focus on hiring for the agency. The needs you have today will not be the needs you have tomorrow. Did Kennedy say that?

It’s always made sense to bring in talent that takes us in new directions. People who bring us something unexpected every day. People who inspire us, so we can put that into our work. More often than not, we find that in the thing we didn’t need. We find it in the abnormality.

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