Will it blend? Part two

June 16, 2009 David Swaebe

That nutty Blendtec guy is at it again stuffing expensive cameras into his blender to see what’ll happen. Confession:  Mullen made him do it. It’s the focal-point of an all-out social media launch for the Olympus E-P1, a snazzy new device that is the world’s smallest digital SLR and HD video camera all-in-one. Get the blender joke, now? Watch Tom the blender guy as he grinds-up digital cameras, voice recorders, lenses and even a piece of lovely, fruity still-life.   The integrated campaign takes advantage of Olympus’s growing social media network, connecting  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a little social bookmarking magic to help generate attention and stimulate consumer participation.  If you want to do something in the social space, it helps to have a community.