What A Race Acura, 2017

How do we get the next generation of luxury buyers to choose an automotive brand that thinks and behaves like they do?

Our answer was to create the world’s first live augmented-reality race, designed to showcase the performance of the 2018 Acura TLX A-Spec with Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. “What a Race” was a three-lap, augmented-reality race among three competitors. The drivers competed for the fastest overall time during their individual runs. Using augmented reality, we altered the direction of the course — and the world they saw around them — each time the drivers began a new lap. An audience watching via Facebook Live saw what the drivers saw and used Facebook Reactions to help them achieve the fastest time.

Nearly 500K people watched the one-hour live event, and the campaign got 14MM impressions on Facebook and 4MM on Twitter.