Don't Get Mad. Get E*TRADE. E*TRADE, 2017

In E*TRADE’s newest campaign, they are reestablishing their rightful place in consumers’ minds as the original place to invest online. The company is acknowledging everyday frustrations and demonstrating that an important first step is to use E*TRADE to turn that dissatisfaction into action.

The campaign leverages “truth bombs” (universal observations about life) to encourage consumers to stop being passive and take control of their own destiny; it’s about getting people to ignite that pilot light inside themselves and take action.

A series of vignettes shows the lives of the uber-rich, Silicon Valley wealth and the Rich Kids of Instagram, with the caveat that there’s plenty each of us can do to change our own situation. This campaign flips everything on its head, inviting everyone to channel those frustrations by taking control of their money using E*TRADE.