#ItsTacoTime justWink, 2015

When Apple failed to include a taco emoji in their latest iOS update, the internet was, understandably, furious. American Greetings sprung into action to end the crisis by creating a Taco Wink on their justWink card app. We decided to promote the app (and the taco) by riding the PR wave of the big launch of the Apple Watch. As one of the first Apple Watch apps, justWink was well-positioned to not only show off its innovative spirit but also to have a big presence at the launch. So, we decided to set up taco trucks outside three different New York City Apple Stores where we gave away free tacos in exchange for people downloading the justWink app. Between a hashtag that caught on fire (#ItsTacoTime) and thousands of people adding the app to their phones, the effort was nothing short of bueno.