Sports Center Snip Constant Contact, 2014

Being a challenger brand means changing consumer perception of your brand or category. Sometimes indifference is your biggest obstacle. That was the case with Constant Contact.

We were tasked with changing the perception that email marketing was “just” an expense and signing up for a trial would “waste” valuable time from their already hectic day. Rather than be another ad to skip, we needed a partnership that would surprise and delight our core customer.

We had to be seen as a business partner for small business owners, not simply another email marketing provider. Our biggest insight was the fact that small business owners will do make time in their busy day and tune into sports updates on ESPN. We approached ESPN to develop a way we could organically integrate our brand inside SportsCenter programming. The overall look and feel of the idea presented Constant Contact in not only a relevant environment, but also illustrated the brand promise of: “We power small business.” The result was a “mini-mercial” that felt organic to both Constant Contact and ESPN: a Barbershop owner standing front and center, showing how he had more time to “do more business” because of Constant Contact.

In the end it was Constant Contact: 1, Category Indifference: 0. By the end of three months on-air, overall cost per sign up decreased by 20% YOY, largely driven by our stand out demonstration.