Air on the Side of Humanity Mobile JetBlue, 2014

To create a sense of what it’s like to be mistreated by the legacy airlines, we went beyond the media impression for JetBlue and brought the Air on the Side of Humanity campaign to life through a groundbreaking technology. This new technique enabled consumers to interact with our ad on their mobile device in a first-of-its-kind experience.

Our goal, and ultimately our success, was to unearth a mechanism to “jar” consumers into realizing that other airlines treat them like pigeons. What better way to point out JetBlue’s competitors “don’t speak your language” than to have people try to speak “pigeon.” We used Mobile Theory’s Nuance technology, the first ever human to animal translation machine. Once expanded, a rich media unit appears and an image of a pigeon with a voice-over prompting the consumer to learn how to speak like a pigeon with JetBlue brand phrases such as “Air on the Side of Humanity” and “stretch your legs and wings.” This effort reinforced our overall campaign message in a humorous way and got consumers to interact with and talk about our brand.