Air on the Side of Humanity OOH JetBlue, 2013

JetBlue has always prided itself on “flying the other way” when it comes to category conventions. Our new campaign, “Air on the Side of Humanity,” sought to reinforce JetBlue’s mission and shed light on how legacy carriers treat consumers.

Our idea: Use pigeons, the original fliers, as a metaphor for the plight of the underserved masses. This startling POV forced consumers to reconsider their approach to air travel.

On crowded subway trains – JetBlue offered first-to-market relief by transforming the interior into a park setting. In traffic jams – JetBlue sponsored taxi television, offering consumers video entertainment. At train stations – JetBlue made the time go by faster with in-terminal video entertainment. Taking an even more unconventional approach, we enhanced our taxi top messages by placing life-like pigeons on top of them. Each pigeon one was aligned with contextually relevant creative such as “Don’t ruffle your feathers” and “Don’t fly cooped.” The pigeon became a recognizable icon surfing the streets of Boston for two months.

As a result of this campaign, 72% of consumers surveyed felt that our campaign made the flying experience more enjoyable.