American Made is the New Black Shinola, 2014

Shinola, a brand new fashion company that sells watches and other high-end products out of Detroit, tasked us with increasing both brand consideration and e-commerce sales during Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation time frames. Shinola is a new brand in a highly discerning category. So, we leveraged our consumer insights using our proprietary tool, Scout, and developed a branded content campaign that created credibility in the category as well as demand for the products.

Through our research, we identified key consumer insights, such as the fact that men are more apt to buy Shinola; that our most attractive audience is comprised of news junkies and avid readers but not necessarily fashionistas; and that once our audience gets to know the brand and its American craft story, they end up loving it. So, to reach men who were most likely to become advocates, we created our own white space by staying out of fashion media where we’d be drowned out.

Instead, we partnered with Uncrate to co-create content that highlighted the brand story and products and then we leveraged ViralGains, a new social amplification company, to amplify both this content and Shinola videos to those most likely to engage with it. Finally, we inserted Shinola into the news junkie’s content stream by partnering with The Daily Beast through Mother’s Day and Father’s Day content that featured people who are impacting the craft quality movement happening around the company — a key element to the Shinola story. As a result, Shinola saw its highest earning day prior to Father’s Day during the campaign flight on June 9, 2014, including 7.6M unique impressions. And 90% of campaign traffic to the site was from new visitors.