Superbowl Blitz VH1, 2014

In order to drive tune in for a tent pole program on VH1 dubbed “SuperBowl Blitz” we sought out to reach viewers of the 2014 Grammy’s which aired around the same time as our launch. But how do you align with expensive Grammy inventory on a modest budget at a time when it’s already almost entirely sold out? We love a good challenge, and we love a good solution. We leveraged a partner relatively new to the advertising landscape: SambaTV. Through a technology they have embedded in the majority of connected TVs, SambaTV is able to track television viewing behavior and then find users connecting to the same Wi-Fi signal through mobile devices and target them on their phones and tablets. For Superbowl Blitz, we targeted Grammy viewers from 2013 and 2014 and retargeted them as they perused the mobile web. We paid roughly 50% less to reach them this way vs. purchasing digital Grammy content online and our mobile response rates were roughly 2x what we typically see for mobile display advertising.