Saints & Strangers National Geographic, 2015

To complement their new Thanksgiving miniseries, National Geographic tasked us with creating an engaging second screen experience that would help bring fresh relevance to a tradition that has become increasingly trivialized. Our answer? We created a game. Saints and Strangers: Surviving Plymouth allows people to not only relive but rewrite American history. Players encounter the same critical decisions the Pilgrims faced and are forced to choose how they would have proceeded, all while influenced by the historical figures present at the time. Each immersive scenario was illustrated through responsive cinemagraphs using the latest CSS3 and ES6 tools. The custom game engine provides 24 unique paths through the experience, and a virtual colony dynamically responds to a player’s every action. Every move a player makes requires consideration of supplies, diplomacy, faith, and wellbeing, with the goal of keeping as many souls alive as possible. Like the Pilgrims, players soon learned that there were no truly good choices, and that the first Thanksgiving was really just the beginning. Faced with their choices – would you have survived Plymouth?