Acura New World. Same Energy.

The Future Looks Boring.

The car world is going electric, and there’s rightly a lot of consumer uncertainty surrounding the incoming breed's performance capabilities. If you’ve seen a car ad recently, you’ve been told that fun behind the wheel has been traded in for gratuitous tech and clinical futurism. Yuck.

But that’s just not Acura. The energy emitting from their walls is buzzing with motorsports victories and high-performing street cars, and the brand plans to keep that same energy as it enters the unknown world of EV. To help it get there, we needed an idea that defined the essence of Acura’s energy and set it apart from the monotonous sea of plug-in cars.

Acura Multiverse driversAcura Multiverse drivers
New Worlds.
With our anime heroine Chiaki taking center stage, we created the visual playground of the Acura multiverse to prove that while the rest of the car world is changing for the boring, the thrilling energy of performance in Acura’s lineup will always be what sets it apart, no matter where the world or technology may takes it.
Behind the ScenesBehind the Scenes

New Faces.
Rather than taking the traditional approach to casting, we set our sights on social media to find women from diverse backgrounds who not only embodied the soul of Chiaki and the spirit of the Acura brand, but also had a desire to squeeze more than a daily commute out of their cars.

Driver JonesverseDriver Jonesverse
Lunar ChiakiLunar Chiaki
Drone ChiakiDrone Chiaki
Cyber ChiakiCyber Chiaki
Flower ChiakiFlower Chiaki

New Opportunities.
To make sure our Chiakis were ready for their on-screen debuts, we enlisted the top stunt drivers in the game to train them in the male-dominated profession of stunt driving, giving them the keys to enter a new world of their own. Along the way, we created an episodic social campaign that charted their progress and let our audience ride shotgun as they got up to speed.

Multiverse Social VideoMultiverse Social Video

The Debut.
We debuted our brand film to critical acclaim during the Acura-sponsored Sundance Film Festival, where one of our Chiakis designed an interactive installation that let festivalgoers literally become one with the brand’s energy as they danced it out at Acura’s highly trafficked Main Street event space.

Multiverse SundanceMultiverse Sundance
Multiverse Sundance 3Multiverse Sundance 3


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