MullenLowe U.S. was founded on the philosophy that entrepreneurship is the catalyst of greatness. We are constantly surrounding ourselves with rogue thinkers, employees and clients alike, who are willing to fight for bold new ideas. And now, we’re opening our doors to rogue thinkers of a new kind — startups who are challenging the ad industry to do things bigger, smarter and more efficiently.

We’ve teamed up with Workbar to create WUNDERBAR, the first co-working space in Boston tailored for emerging ad-tech startups. These companies will work alongside some of our best and brightest as they build out, refine and grow their technology.

Participating Startups

  • Reactor Media

    Reactor Media is a managed content distribution platform that helps marketers promote and measure content across all distribution channels in one place, with consolidated analytics and budget optimization.

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  • Sito Mobile

    SITO Mobile Ltd. is a mobile location-based advertising platform serving businesses, advertisers and brands. Through patented technologies and an easy-to-use platform, the company’s solution allows marketers to create content targeted to key audiences based on location, interests, behaviors and loyalty.

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Alumni Startups

  • Inmoji

    Inmoji creates “powered” clickable icons that enable users to share their favorite brands, products, and experiences directly within messaging apps. Inmoji generates revenue for messaging platforms by improving the way we communicate through branded in-message experiences.

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  • Podium

    Podium provides rideshare drivers with digital tablets to give passengers an interactive media experience from the back seat. Podium is a curated media space created directly with brands, agencies, and content creators and includes videos, games, and social sharing features. Drivers augment their income effortlessly, brands gain engaging and targeted access to rideshare passengers in a massively growing market, and riders get an entertaining experience.

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  • ViralGains

    ViralGains offers a viral marketing platform that delivers video ads across thousands of web and mobile publishers. We help you discover hypertargeted social audiences who are interested in your video and brand. We have a total distribution of 3,463 publishers, influencers, blogs, social games and mobile apps.

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  • Mavrck

    Mavrck (formerly Splashscore) powers premier brands with the most effective platform for converting sales on social media.  First we enable brands to find their most influential customers on social networks, those driving high levels of engagement around topics relevant to a brand. Then brands use our platform to activate these everyday influencers on demand to deliver branded content with precision and scale.

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Proud Partner of the Workbar Network

  • Workbar

    The Workbar Network is an interconnected community of over 25 membership-based, shared workspaces centered around co-working hubs in Boston and Cambridge. Each space has its own spirit and strengths, allowing Workbar’s 700+ members to choose the perfect environment to grow their companies while keeping their commutes manageable.

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Please reach out to wunderbar@mullenlowe.com for additional information and press inquiries.