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Xbox One, Microsoft’s New Big Bet

May 22, 2013 MullenLowe

Microsoft has two missions with the release of Xbox One:

  1. Establish themselves as the de facto tactile eye-popping gaming experience like no other.
  2. Make Xbox the all-purpose device for streaming online video.

They have also jumped into the original content game, hiring little old Steven Spielberg to develop a series called Halo, exclusive to Xbox. With Xbox One, Kinect (their body recognition technology) is taken to another level: it has enhanced features allowing for full facial recognition and a camera to facilitate Skype conversations on the TV. This alludes to another level of personalized entertainment achievable just by standing in front of your TV.

So what does all this mean for brands? It means there is a robust and experiential way to surround the consumer through the TV. It means that the living room experience is going to change, period. Xbox already has greater audience reach than any cable network, and consumers are ready for a better entertainment experience.

With the walls to IE ready and open, this will also create the opportunity for full commerce from the couch. It offers something bigger and more encapsulating than mobile, making it one of the few media outlets that will survive alongside the mobile revolution.

The TV will remain king, but what comes out of it will never be the same.

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Image via AllthingsD