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Dangers of Ill Communication

...lore the origin of communication dissention and how scientists could and should be involved in the discussions. Without them, the science isn’t shared and the void that’s left is picked up by charlatans. As a follow up to my blog post in the ePerspectives blog, I discuss a book authored by a religion professor who proclaims that religion and food beliefs are akin. If you’re following any diet, food or nutrition trend, the book is a good read,... Read More
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Mullen Bloggers Recap: Posts from the Week of January 4th

...loggers last week. Over at The Lost Jacket, Stuart Foster ponders the meaning and opportunity of “meta” content and shares some thoughts about the challenges that franchises encounter in localizing content. On his Posterous blog, Christian Madden captures a couple of his favorite new technologies. And at Creativity_Unbound, Edward Boches reminds us of the value of play. He also promises to start sharing more organized bookmarks and recaps the... Read More
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Appealing to the blogger ego

...As someone who’s been a journalist and a blogger receiving hundreds of public-relations e-mails per week, I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly ways marketers solicit coverage. And no one is more jaded these days than bloggers. Bloggers, who now compete (or join forces) with journalists in news gathering and reporting, require a different communications strategy in order to effectively reach them and, hopefully, develop a rapport. Step 1:... Read More

Driving is believing: launching the Chevrolet Volt

...e than 500 media and consumers got to put their hands at 10 and 2 o’clock on the Volt steering wheel. Media sang the praises of the Volt to their curious readers and audiences. Our efforts with GM generated hundreds of blog posts, online articles and TV spots, and millions of impressions. But the impression that stuck with me the most was what Pogue himself had to say about his drive on his blog: “I love the concept, I love that... Read More
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Swimming with Twitter Sharks

As I wrote before on my blog, I was very saddened by the news that tr.im, my favorite URL shortener for Twitter, was cut down in its prime. Based on the company’s blog post, the blame (although they are loath to call it blame), was laid on Twitter’s decision to use bit.ly as its primary URL shortener: This shutdown was also not born out of any bitterness towards Twitter. While we are disappointed that users cannot choose their URL... Read More
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Mullen Bloggers Recap: week of November 2

This is our first weekly update recapping what Mullen’s bloggers have been talking about in case you missed them, or didn’t realize we had so many bloggers. We’ll try to make this a regular addition to our Mullen blog. At Creativity_Unbound, CCO Edward Boches wrote a piece inspired by R/GA’s Bob Greenberg titled “Everything starts with the consumer.” The post suggests that if you start with the consumer, you’re more likely to build... Read More
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Sailing the 14 Social C’s

...u need a mobile social strategy because social is accessed on the phone or on your iPad, and anything you do on social should have a mobile entry point. Or use geo location. Or have an app. You want people to see your Tumblr blog looking optimized for mobile on your hot Galaxy Nexus phone. Conversion – Whether it’s Augmented Reality that transforms your toys into a digital game you control, or the JetBlue Getaways Granter that puts you in the... Read More
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Pinterest: Don’t be a predator. Be a victim.

...g where to get those great shoes. So let them know in the image itself. Find pinners you love. Many people provide a variety of different ways to reach them on their Pinterest profile page. Look for your favorite journalists/bloggers/personalities and let them know that you have something great to share. A new fall line, new product offerings…all ripe for the pinning. Make a statement. It’s a good idea to have a place on your page that’s easy to... Read More
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What the new Facebook News Feed means for brands

...our News Feed from friends connected to Instagram or Pinterest. Now Facebook is rolling out the larger thumbnails and excerpts as a default link and application action treatment. If your brand has a lot of great content on a blog or community site, now links to that content will show up in a big way without sneaking links into image captions. Judging by the content on a lot of brand pages I’ve seen lately, most weren’t optimizing links for News... Read More
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8 ways to use social media as a customer service tool

...er: Pay attention to what people are saying about your brand on Twitter, and directly respond to their concerns. It’s not just for the kids: grandparents are the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter. Provide value: Link to blog posts that provide consistently useful information to position your brand as a trusted expert, and use social channels to seek feedback on what content the audience wants. Brands call this providing “Youtility”. Show,... Read More
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