Two men with bulging eyes looking at double down sandwichTwo men with bulging eyes looking at double down sandwich

KFC is doubling down on the distortion in a new ad that heralds the return of an equally controversial menu item.

Sometimes outrageous dishes call for outrageous ads, as evidenced by KFC’s latest commercial, ‘The Double Down is Back!!!’

The Double Down – a decadent sandwich containing bacon and cheese, with two pieces of fried chicken in place of bread – made a return to KFC restaurants nationwide after a 10-year hiatus this month. According to the brand, the limited-edition sandwich will only be available for four weeks.

To mark the Double Down’s return, KFC released a 15-second spot this week that remixes the 2013 earworm Bubble Butt by EDM trio Major Lazer.

In the ad, two young men and a dog gaze upon the sandwich with bulging eyes. Suddenly, they begin to warp and bounce, as does their living room. A glance at the TV then shows a weatherman delivering a report, implying the sandwich’s three contents have, quite literally, taken the country by storm.

Developed by creative agency MullenLowe, the campaign is running on streaming TV, linear TV, social and digital until April 2.

“KFC’s Double Down is the most over-the-top sandwich ever conceived,” MullenLowe’s Boston group creative director, Enrique Camacho, said in a statement. ”We wanted to match that energy with equally over-the-top creative executions. Basically, we just got weird with it and the results were a lot of fun.”

This article was originally published on The Drum.