KFC 'Twas the Fourth Night

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A Kentucky Fried Holiday Season

KFC wanted an ownable way to incorporate its chicken into the Holiday Season. But that meant competing with the undefeated lineup of traditional holiday standards. The gelatinous stuffing. The overcooked bird. The gallons and gallons of eggnog.

We thought it was a stretch to assume people would completely swap in KFC over a more traditional holiday meal. But there was a certain time during the holiday season when KFC could really come through in the clutch.

Family sitting on couchFamily sitting on couch

‘Twas the 4th Night of Break

Our story follows one family’s night at home during that random, nondescript time between Christmas and New Years. You hafta to eat, but you can’t quite muster the strength. Thankfully, KFC has something shareable the whole group can get behind. And ordering ahead on the app is as easy as it gets.

White Elephant KFC videoWhite Elephant KFC video

How to Holiday

Our bite sized “How to Holiday” videos gave a glimpse into how Kentucky Fried Chicken fits right into however you celebrate.

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