Corona La Vida Más Fina

Have you ever seen a man in a hurry, while drinking a Corona?

Few things are more iconic than a Corona on the beach. But the meaning behind the beer was getting lost in today’s culture. So, to catapult Corona back into the conversation, we introduced a new brand philosophy inspired by its Mexican heritage. “La Vida Más Fina” (The Fine Life) is a reminder that living your best life is just a matter of perspective. But don’t take it from us; hear it straight from the master of fine living—Snoop Dogg.


If Snoop is the fine life master, we needed a student he could pass his wisdom onto. So we turned to high-energy comedian Andy Samberg, who represented our culture's inability to relax. Because if Andy can learn the fine life, anyone can.


We reimagined Corona's social channels as a voice for the fine life, engaging fans around topics like sports, music, pop culture, or simply how to get the most out of life. Since then, the brand has seen a 3x boost in engagement, a 228% increase in social conversations, and a number of stolen Snoop Dogg bobbleheads.

Snoop CheersSnoop Cheers

Prior years of “La Vida Más Fina” featured Snoop along with friends Bad Bunny and Zoe Saldana, living out their own version of the fine life.

And Zoe Makes ThreeAnd Zoe Makes Three

With the launch of “La Vida Más Fina," the king of kicking back, Snoop Dogg, shares his wisdom on how to find the fine in life.

Keeping upKeeping up


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