Change the Ref No More Erasing

Leveraging the Super Bowl without a Super Bowl budget.

In 2023, with over 150 million people watching the Super Bowl, a giant tech company ran a commercial for its new “Magic Eraser” phone feature that could “fix” photos by removing unwanted people from them.

We immediately thought of our client, “Change the Ref,” and its goal to continually remind and push politicians to enact stronger gun control laws in the U.S.

This idea of “erasing” people seemed like a perfect way to connect our message with something that was timely (a Super Bowl commercial for a global brand).

In the 24 hours between the end of the Super Bowl and the anniversary of the Parkland shooting, we created our own video response and posted it on our social channels.

The video was so compelling that a highly charged debate on gun control emerged almost immediately.

Once again, we had successfully shined a light on this important topic to prevent it from being ignored or forgotten.


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