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Made by Hand. Crafted by Passion.

Patrón was founded with purpose, dedication, and most of all an unwavering passion for craft. That same passion that drives a group of agave artisans to expertly craft tequila by hand. “Our Hands” tells an arresting story of tradition, authenticity, and heartfelt craftsmanship through the lens of Patrón’s own tequila masters.

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Captured in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, “Our Hands” demonstrates the passion and pride rooted in Patrón’s authentic, handcrafted process, from harvesting the finest Weber Blue Agave to hand-sealing every bottle.

Landscape of Jalisco, MexicoLandscape of Jalisco, Mexico

Passionate People Crafting the Extraordinary.

To further our authenticity story, we shot behind-the-scenes content that featured the real Patrón artisans talking about their passion, as well as the other talented hands behind the production. From Grammy winner Andrés “Dre” Levin who orchestrated a one-of-a-kind musical performance, to Mexico-based sustainable fashion designer Sandra Weil’s custom wardrobe, our audience could see how Patrón’s appreciation for craft was present both on and off camera.

Tequila Artisan Clapping with Lightening in the BackgroundTequila Artisan Clapping with Lightening in the Background

In a category where a premium is placed on authenticity, it isn’t enough to explain what makes Patrón the finest tequila in the world. Our OOH photography aimed to connect our audience with the real faces behind every handcrafted bottle.

Three campaign prints featuring artisansThree campaign prints featuring artisans

We portrayed the artisans as the tequila gods they are with a hand-stitched wardrobe featuring natural fabrics by fashion designer Sandra Weil and portraiture by Oaxacan photographer Enrique Leyva, renowned for capturing and elevating his Mexican subjects.

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“Made by Hand. Crafted by Passion.” did more than solidify the brand’s authentic process in the eyes of tequila drinkers. It shared the real hands and passion that make Patrón Patrón.

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