Hidden Valley Ranch Ranch on a Branch

Let’s Own the Holidays

How do you turn something that is definitely not a holiday tradition into a holiday tradition? Well, you go after one of the most popular holiday trends in the world and leverage its fame. Easy!

We helped Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing find a place in the hearts and minds of people around the world (2.65+ billion) by creating a lovable new character named “Ranch on a Branch” (or “Ranchie”). A limited number of Ranchie dolls were created with their own special box and illustrated storybook. They were then made available for purchase on the Hidden Valley Ranch website. They sold out within hours and the press took notice (almost 500 TV news appearances). Suddenly, everybody was talking about Ranchie and how they needed to get one immediately—even Stephen Colbert!

In the end, we created an iconic character, generated millions of positive brand impressions, and helped find a place for ranch dressing at the holiday meal.

Ranchie Swinging on a BranchRanchie Swinging on a Branch
Ranchie kit closedRanchie kit closed
Ranchie kit openRanchie kit open
Ranch on a Branch bookRanch on a Branch book
Ranchie on a table with a Holiday SpreadRanchie on a table with a Holiday Spread


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