Midol Reach for Comfort

Posters on Street Posters on Street

Playful Packaging That Tells It Like It Is

From cranky uteruses to sore boobs, Midol’s new campaign inspires people with periods to own how they really feelby harnessing Midol’s iconic logo to feature a new, more honest take on the menstruation experience.

Midol boxesMidol boxes

The “Reach for Comfort” campaign uses the very words of Midol’s consumers to flip the product into a megaphone with which people can advocate for their unique menstrual needs.

Midol BoxesMidol Boxes

Through playful package design, influencer partnerships, and custom merch, this cheeky campaign gets candid about menstrual symptoms to inspire people with periods to prioritize comfort on their periods, thereby owning the need for comfort in a way only Midol can.

Micramps Suck SweatshirtMicramps Suck Sweatshirt
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