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Feed Your Lawn. Feed It.

Everyone knows they need to take care of their lawns. The problem was most homeowners didn’t know where to start and didn’t have the time or patience to learn. What they needed were answers. Someone to guide them, encourage them, and inspire them. Someone to show them how to achieve the lawn they’ve always wanted and instill in them the confidence to make it happen. So, we tapped Kristofer Hivju (of Game of Thrones fame) to bring the world’s greatest lawn spokesperson to life—Scott, the Scott, for Scotts.

Scott holding a weedScott holding a weed

The Man. The Myth. The Lawn Legend.

Hailing from the lush green pastures of the Scottish Highlands (exact origins unknown), Scott possesses an immeasurable knowledge for all things grass. With a passionate and assertive approach—and a seemingly endless supply of Scotts Lawn Care Products—his sole mission is to ensure lawns, and the people who tend to them, realize their full potential.

Scott and lady in lawnScott and lady in lawn

Unorthodox Methods. Satisfying Results.

We released Scott into the world with a full-fledged campaign across all different media touchpoints. In the TV campaign, Scott appeared whenever homeowners found themselves in relatable moments of “lawn stress” to help cure what ailed them. He didn’t just guide them to a greener and healthier lawn, his infectious enthusiasm motivated homeowners everywhere to become the rulers of their own green domains.

Scotts line Scotts line
My lawn appMy lawn app

Spreading His Message.

There were no bounds to where and how Scott spread his message as he appeared across the digital and social sphere. Whether he was educating people about Scotts products, proclaiming the benefits of the My Lawn app, or fielding lawn-related questions on Twitter, if they needed his help, he was there.

magnifying glass weedmagnifying glass weed
Hitting weed with bat Hitting weed with bat
Wheel cart and product Wheel cart and product
Scott sitting with product Scott sitting with product
Scott peaking over fenceScott peaking over fence
Scott pushing product cartScott pushing product cart


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