T.J.Maxx You to the Maxx


You to the Maxx Creates a Brand as Iconic as the Business Itself

In a postpandemic world, women’s priorities had changed. Time was a precious resource, and ease and convenience were top-of-mind. This created a challenge for T.J.Maxx—a brand equally beloved and avoided for its “treasure hunt” of a shopping experience.

Who do you think you areWho do you think you are

Our job was to reframe the time and effort put into merely finding “stuff” to finding yourself—because you’re the real treasure, after all. Powered by the tagline, “You to the Maxx,” this bold rebrand champions the woman who is unapologetically herself—no holds barred, no permission needed.

Mother's DayMother's Day
You to the MaxYou to the Max

It was about time a brand spoke authentically to women—encouraging them to put a perfectly accessorized middle finger to the sky when it came to expectations, judgment, shame, and guilt.


But this soup-to-nuts rebrand was not just about TV. As T.J.Maxx struggled to be known for quality merchandise, every touchpoint needed to feel elevated, aspirational and inspired.

Holding handsHolding hands
Woman pink dressWoman pink dress
Woman on CouchWoman on Couch
Woman in mirrorWoman in mirror
Making pastaMaking pasta
Criss CrossCriss Cross

A modern design refresh breathed new life into the brand’s treasured ‘70s logo, leveraging negative space and a bold color palette to create powerful, ownable X graphics and motifs. Additionally, a brand tone overhaul and photography revamp puts her at the center—her passions, her ambitions, her complexities, her style.

We launched on social with an arsenal of posts and cutdowns that empowered women to be their most badass selves—on IG, Facebook, Twitter, and more. And let’s not forget TikTok. Two fabulously dressed senior ladies crushing midnight glam-burgers? We’re here for it.


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