KFC That's Finger Lickin' Good


Shifting Finger Lickin' Good from an Attribute to an Attitude

KFC had a growing problem. Its core audience was getting older, and the brand needed to attract a younger customer. Years of showcasing the Colonel earned likability points, but food quality and relevancy took hits. They needed a refresh that didn’t alienate their core. Cue “That’s Finger Lickin’ Good.” To reintroduce KFC to a modern audience, we took an iconic slogan and gave it broader meaning. We made "Finger Lickin’ Good" about more than a product attribute. We turned it into an attitude and a way to invite new people to the brand.


We launched by entering the minds of our customers right before they took that first delicious bite. We captured all the authentic, unfiltered inner thoughts we have when Kentucky Fried Chicken is two inches from our face. After all, who hasn’t whispered sweet nothings to a gorgeous-looking Chicken Sandwich moments before impact?


In short form and digital, “That’s Finger Lickin’ Good” became an exclamation point for moments of internal joy and KFC love. These quick-hitting videos seeded our new tagline and helped define what “That’s Finger Lickin’ Good” really means to people.

chicken tenders double dipchicken tenders double dip

Our new approach to KFC social focused less on the legendary founder and more on the legendary food and the people who eat it.

Whippin' KFCWhippin' KFC

Yes, we kept the heritage of a brand that people truly love and adore, and invited more people to share in moments that are better than just good. They’re "Finger Lickin Good".


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